Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are the top questions most often asked about our service. We have compiled this list for two reasons. First - to help you choose the best cleaning company to fit your needs. Second - to help you get the most out of your clean should you choose to use Distinguished Images, LLC.

What should I do before the cleaning techs arrive?

Don’t stay up all night cleaning your house before the cleaning techs arrive! Yes, it has happened. Remember our cleaning techs are there to clean – you don’t need to be embarrassed about the dirt they might find. It is best if you make sure there are no dirty dishes left out, dirty clothes are put in the basket, and toys are picked up. Keep in mind that we do not open drawers, closets or cabinets; therefore, just putting away any clutter or toys will make your clean far more efficient.

What do I need to do with my pets?

For the safety of both your pets and our cleaners, we ask that you have your pets put away in an area we don’t clean. We do understand that most pets are very friendly and would love to see our cleaners, but we do ask they are out of the way when we arrive.

What if there is a room that is just too messy today and you don’t have time to pick it up?

Shut that door! If you want us to stay out and not clean that area of your home, close the door and we will not open it. If you’ve been busy and need to throw all your clutter into that room, great! We’ll never know!

When is my payment due?

Payment is due at the time of service. We will keep a credit/debit card of your choice on file and run the payment after the cleaning is completed.

Do I need to be home for my service?

Not at all – in fact, many clients prefer not to be home. All employees are bonded and insured. Some clients like to meet the cleaning techs to let them in before they leave, most will give us a garage or door code, or leave it unlocked and the cleaning techs secure the home when they depart. If you choose to be at home, pick a room to work, read, or watch T.V. You may ask the cleaning techs to either clean it first or let you know when they need to enter that room to clean it prior to the end of your service.

Do I have to pay if I cancel my clean?

Yes and No. No, if you call before your team arrives at your home. Dispatching a team to your house costs money in the form of employee wages and transportation; Please try and call at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment whenever possible. Yes, if the team arrives at your home and is turned away or locked out, there will be a 50% charge. We will send you a reminder the (business) day before so you can cancel then if needed.

Do I need to supply cleaners and equipment?

No. We arrive with all the supplies and equipment necessary. Many products are unscented or low scented. However, if you have your own special cleaner or equipment that you would like us to use, just let the cleaning techs know. OSHA requires that all chemicals used must be in the original package and all directions and precautions readable. Also, we are not allowed to mix any chemicals.

What if my service doesn’t meet my expectations?

We guarantee our work. Please call the office within 24 hours and we will return to correct any problems at no extra charge.

Will I always have the same cleaner?

We like to send the same cleaner each time, but due to illness or necessary personal time off, it is not always possible to send the same cleaner. We do make every effort to have your same cleaner come to your home.

Do you clean windows?

Yes, we will clean inside windows and window tracks. Although it is not included in your service, there is a separate charge for windows. Our insurance does not allow us to do outside window. Your sliding glass doors will always be included, and we will clean the outside of them when weather permits. Please call the office to add additional windows.

Is the inside of the oven and refrigerator included with my service?

No. Please feel free to call the office to have the additional time scheduled, either for an initial deep clean, or for any regular maintenance clean. Keep in mind that if you have a self-cleaning oven you will need to turn it on no later than the night before to let it run its course. They generally take 3 to 4 hours plus cool down time and we may not be scheduled to be at your home for that amount of time. Also, freezers will not be cleaned unless defrosted prior to your cleaning.

Do the cleaning techs accept tips?

They do love to receive tips, and you can tip, but they are not expected and should not be used to “buy” better service. We expect to be the best part of your day -no rewards are necessary!

Will I ever need a Deep Clean, and if so, when?

Great news for our weekly and bi-weekly clients, we have added “Deep Cleaning Tasks” into our regular cleanings. The following tasks will be added one at a time to your cleanings, so each task is completed once every 3 months. This results in not needing a deep clean/ spring clean ever again! • Hand wiping baseboards • Cleaning doors and door frames • Cleaning kitchen cabinets (exterior) • Cleaning bathroom cabinets (exterior) • Hand wiping lights fixtures and ceiling fans (reachable from small step stool). For our monthly clients and one-time clients, they can be added as needed for an additional cost.

What makes a professional service better than “the girl next door”?

We provide a hassle-free, dependable service by covering the costs of workman’s comp, unemployment, and by conducting background checks. Each of our cleaning techs are professionally trained, bonded, fully insured, and drug tested.